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Fine Art Commission Pricing


Charcoal, Colored Pencil or Pen & Ink / with Gouache

11”x 17” or less: $1.00 per square inchLarger than 11” x 17”: $1.34 per square inch


Oil or Acrylic on “flat” Canvas

” 36” X 48” or less: $1.86 per square inchLarger than 36” X 48”: $1.70 per square inch


Oil or Acrylic on “sculpted or stacked” Canvas

” 36” X 48” or less: $2.00 per square inch

Larger than 36” X 48”: $1.86 per square inch


The Process:Most of my paintings are oil paint on multi-paneled or sculpted canvas, but I also take commissions for oil, acrylic or watercolor paint on traditional “flat” stretched canvas or wood panel; or with gouache and colored pencil.


I like to incorporate the personality of the client into the shape, medium, technique, and imagery of a commissioned painting or drawing. So I require that the client schedule an artwork consultation before I start a painting or drawing. At this time I will also make real-time sketches and/or take reference photos for color, shadow and pattern.


After the consultation I will supply the client initial rough sketches and my suggestions for canvas shape, medium used, etc. At this point we renegotiate price depending on whether there are changes in the materials used and/or the technique chosen for the commission.


For painted artwork, the client will have a chance to see the painting in progress once the under-painting is complete. This will be the last time the client will see the painting before completion. As for drawings clients will be able to make adjustments only after the initial rough sketches.


To schedule an artwork consultation, please email me via .



Matthew Tito Cuenca


2460 Praia PL #1

Dulles, VA 20189     

1-202-465-4254 (USA)


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