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Séra Art Exhibition

May 10 - June 30 2018

15, rue martel BAT.1 #4

interphone 15MARTEL

75010 Paris – France

Mercredi au samedi de 14H à 19H

+ 33 (0)6 60 22 50 14


SÉRA, le créateur de la figure de la place mémorielle À ceux qui ne sont plus là,

présente une oeuvre polymorphe, à la fois mémorielle et sensuelle,

composée de peintures aux techniques mixtes, de dessins et de sculptures

qui trouvent inspiration et racine dans la statuaire khmère ancienne et dans sa mémoire vive.

Une œuvre en hommage à l’histoire.

Une œuvre dédiée à la méditation.

Le festival Cambodge, d’hier à aujourd’hui propose de faire découvrir le Cambodge

par sa création artistique contemporaine avec une programmation ponctuée de spectacles,

projections, expositions, cérémonies, conférences dans 15 lieux différents de Paris

et ses alentours.

Ce festival trouvera une résonance particulière chez les Cambodgiens de France

dont la présence sur le territoire a souvent été la conséquence d’une histoire

mouvementée, et leur permettra de porter un regard contemporain sur leur terre d’origine.

Cambodge, d’hier à aujourd’hui s’adresse à tous les passionnés et curieux d’Asie

et des scènes artistiques et culturelles internationales.

Paris Art Representation

April 2018


Matthew officially signs on with Audrey Riffaud of "Audrey Riffaud ART SELECTION" for art representation in Europe.

WUPP Magazine

Eve Watling May 2014


In March, ReCreation Art Agency Phnom Penh hosted its second CHRISTIE'S Charity Auction in which local and international artists donated an artwork to be auctioned off at Raffles Royal Hotel Presided by the famed CHRISTIE'S auctioneer Lionel Gosset .....



Cambodia Daily

​Michele Vauchon April 2014

Auction house giant Christie’s will next year participate in a charity auction in Phnom Penh for the second time, it was announced yesterday. Auctioneer Lionel Gosset from the house will sell paintings, sculptures, fashion and jewelry by more than 30 local artists and designers.


The event, which will take place in March at the Sofitel Hotel, will be organised by the arts agency ReCreation. Following Christie’s Charity Auction 2012, which raised more than $40,000, this year’s proceeds will go to arts-based charities Cambodia 2000 and Amrita Performing Arts. Madeleine de Langalerie, founder and CEO of ReCreation, said the initial idea came from a desire to promote Cambodian artists as well as to contribute to the emerging arts sector in the Kingdom. She said: “The auction in 2012 was a huge success.”

The Advisor

 March 2014

SATURDAY 29 & 30 |Yes, she’s looking at you. Charming and mysterious, she’s one of the inhabitants of Christian Develter’s Asian urban jungle, a creature of beauty and contradiction. She has a warm sensuality, but also a touch of android severity; her face wears the signs of an ancient culture, but she looks modern. Traditional and revolutionary, wild and spiritual: how can so many opposites mix so beautifully? The isolated mountains of Burma’s Chin State are home to tribes separated from the modern world for centuries. Chin women are renowned for their 1,000-year-old tradition of facial tattoos. According to legend, a Burmese king once took a beautiful Chin girl as his wife. The unhappy bride eventually escaped, disguising her face with deep incisions. Belgian artist Christian Develter met the Chin: “The faces in the paintings represent contemporary Asian women,” the artist says. “They have traditional Chin tattoos which refer to animistic patterns based on nature. Some are called spiderweb tattoos, while others remind of tigers or lizards. I wanted to bring this old tradition into a modern world.” Peter Smits, Christian’s business partner, says: “What struck us is the fact that only females endure the pain. ‘Men are weak,’ they told us. ‘After all, who’s giving birth?’ The tattoos empower them just as the right make-up empowers city women… their sisters in the Asian urban jungles.” The artist’s creations are among a slew of works going under the hammer to support Amrita Performing Arts. Other pieces include Matthew Cuenca’s Sylvia: a woman painted on a piece of luggage, suggesting the permanency of our emotional baggage. Thomas Pierre, meanwhile, portrays a decaying Versailles, imbued with melancholy, in which tourists wander like lost souls. “I alter perspectives to make the work timeless,” he says.

2012 CHRISTIE'S Charity Auction Press

March 2012


Collected Press from CHRISTIE'S Charity Auction 2012

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