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Matthew Tito Cuenca-Daigle
Artist / Author / Designer


Matthew was born into a bi-religious (Catholic/Protestant), multi-racial (Spanish/Yugoslavian/Filipino/Dutch)  household. From childhood, he has always lived an international life.


Sampling from this life, he has been able to pick through a palette of cultures, stereotypes, prejudices, and rituals to produce art & books that connote the marriage of novelty and tradition. He fondly calls this intuitive process  Directional Nostalgia.

As an artist, he uses a variety of techniques from size distortion to visual clarity Matthew adds a third element of sculpture in the form of stacked and/or carved canvases. These intentionally positioned layers lead the viewer through a menu of images slowly guiding their visitor from the familiar to the foreign with the intent to revive a memory or subliminal reaction.

As an author, he uses this same technique to create a multitude of observations and a variety of dialogue to create fully-fleshed characters in believable environments that allow the reader to experience the action in an empathetic way.


Ever living a nomadic life, Matthew doesn’t stay anywhere more than a few years. Currently, he resides in Praia, Cape Verde, Africa; awaiting his next home and new adventure.


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